GiftCard Mastercard or VISA

What is GiftCard Mastercard/VISA?

GiftCard is a prepaid non-reloadable MasterCard or VISA card with the card number, expiration date, card verification code (CVC), and logo of MasterCard/VISA printed on the front side.

Where can I use the GiftCard Mastercard/VISA?

GiftCard can be used for purchases online and in stores, everywhere Mastercard/VISA is accepted. Make sure you know your balance before shopping - the merchant may not be able to provide you with this information.

How does GiftCard Mastercard/Visa work?

GiftCard can be used for purchases online and in stores, everywhere Mastercard/VISA is accepted. Make sure you know your balance before shopping - the merchant may not be able to provide you with this information.

How much does GiftCard Mastercard/VISA cost?

<p>The GiftCard GiftCard Mastercard/VISA issuing fee is 5 EUR (incl. card personalization, a slick package, and a standard shipping).</p>


Is there a maximum amount that could be loaded on the GiftCard Mastercard/VISA?

GiftCard Mastercard/VISA, bought through GiftCards.eu can be loaded with up to 250 EUR. To see the limits for different currencies, check the Tariff.

How many cards can I buy with a single order placed through GiftCards.eu?

You can buy maximum 20 cards with total amount up to 1000 EUR.

In which currencies can a GiftCard Mastercard/VISA be ordered?

GiftCard Mastercard/VISA can be issued in EUR, GBP, RON and BGN.
Cards in different currencies cannot be placed in the same order.

How can I order a personalized GiftCard Mastercard/VISA?

You can order a personalized GiftCard with a unique photo of yours or select a design from our list thoughtfully prepared for any occasion. Personalize the gift during your order by adding a cardholder name and greeting on the card as well as a greeting on the package.

How do I check the balance of my GiftCard Mastercard/VISA?

Go to section 'Check Balance' in GiftCards.eu and follow the instructions.


How do I check the PIN code of my GiftCard?

In case you have forgotten your PIN code, you can check it from here or you can send the full card number as an SMS to 170011. If you have added your card to iCard Digital Wallet, you can check the PIN code directly from the app.

Shopping in different currency?

You can shop in currency other than the currency of your GiftCard Mastercard/VISA. Please note that the transaction will be converted according to the Mastercard/Visa exchange rate.

Are there any fees associated with the GiftCard Mastercard/VISA?

There is no fee for shopping with your GiftCard.
After a 6-months gratis period, a monthly service fee is applied to the remaining balance of the GiftCard until the balance is fully depleted.  For additional information, check the Tariff and our Terms and Conditions

My GiftCard Mastercard/VISA is lost or stolen. What should I do?

Contact us immediately (24/7) at +359 700 13 444 (or support@giftcards.eu) to report lost or stolen card.
Once we make sure that you are either the buyer or the recipient, your GiftCard Mastercard/VISA can be reissued. Check our fees in the Tariff.

How long can a GiftCard Mastercard/VISA be used?

All the cards are produced with an expiry date set at least 2 years from the issuing. To make sure your card is valid, check the expiry date written on its front side.  
Once the remaining balance is fully depleted, the card will be automatically closed.

Can I redeem E- money from my GiftCard Mastercard/VISA?

In order to transfer the funds from your GiftCard to a bank account of yours, we need to receive a written request from you at support@giftcards.eu. After you provide us with all of the required information, we will initiate the operation. Check our fees in the Tariff.

How do I activate my GiftCard Mastercard/VISA?

You need to activate your GiftCard in order to use it. There are 3 easy ways for activation:

  • Online activation
  • Activation with an SMS
  • Activation in iCard – download the iCard app from Google Play, App Store or AppGallery. Make a registration and activate your card by tapping on the ‘+’ icon on the main screen, then choose ‘GiftCard’ and enter the 16-digit number on it.


What is e-GiftCard Mastercard?

e-GiftCard is a digital version of GiftCard - prepaid non-reloadable Mastercard card with a card number, expiration date, card verification code (CVC) and a logo of Mastercard which can be sent via e-mail.

How can I use an e-GiftCard Mastercard?

e-GiftCard is an innovative product, who has been made for online purchases and virtual payments. Before shopping online, check your balance - the merchant may not be able to provide you with this information.

What is the price of e-GiftCard?

Please check the issuing fee of e-GiftCard Mastercard here - Tariff

Activating an e-GiftCard?

You have received a virtual card invitation by email. Follow the unique link in the letter by pressing the button. On the activation page, please enter: - if you are a new customer, the email to which the invitation was sent, name, date of birth, and a mobile phone. - If you already have a registration with the email to which you received the invitation, enter your name and password.

Important! If you already have a registration, the card will only appear in your account if you have followed the activation link from the received email.

How to send e-GiftCard by email?

By pleasing your first e-GiftCard order, you will go through a verification process. After payment and confirmed personal data, your card will become visible in your account at www.giftcards.eu, for which you will receive a notification by email. Approval and production period is within 24 hours on working days. (For example, if you place an order on Saturday, your card will be ready to ship on Monday afternoon.) The next step is to send the card to the email you want through your account.

In what period the e-GiftCard Mastercard can be used?

The validity of the virtual е-GiftCard Mastercard is two years, the first 6 months are without fees. You have 3 extra months to send the virtual gift card, they are charge-free, and are in addition to the first six months.

GiftCard Verification

GiftCard profile verification, how does it work?

For us as well as our customers, security comes first. In order to comply with all legal provisions, GiftCard needs your personal data to perform the verification process.

GiftCard is a financial instrument loaded with e-money issued by iCard AD. This obliges us to comply with all provisions related to the Anti-Money Laundering Act, obliging us to verify the identity of each of our clients.

Creating a GiftCard profile, how to Confirm it?

After completing your first order (and only the first time), you will be invited to fill out a form in which you will need to enter your name, date of birth, delivery address, email and phone number.

Please pay attention to the information entered and, once you are sure, confirm. You will receive an SMS containing a code that you must enter in the corresponding field.

The last step is checking your electronic mail. You will be asked to follow up on the confirmation link.

Identity check, what you need to do?

To complete the verification of your identity you must upload a valid identity document (identity card or passport). You can upload double-sided photos of the document from the gallery or take photos on the fly.

Is my GiftCard verification done?

Within 24 business hours of uploading the document, one of our agents will review your profile. Here are the most common scenarios:

 If you complete the verification with a biometric (electronic) identity card containing an address, we will not need any additional documents *.

 If you complete the verification with a non-biometric (paper) identity card, you will be asked by e-mail for an additional identity document (driving license or passport).

 If you complete the verification with your International passport, you will be required to present the and proof of address.

In which cases might it be an issue verifying your profile?

In the event that the document is expired, damaged, due to any discrepancy or missing data, our team reserves the right to request more documents or information.

need to proof your address?

here is the list of documents that our team accepts:
•Bank account balance
•Credit card status
• Invoice - Electricity, water, gas, TV or landline (keep in mind that the mobile phone bill cannot be accepted for verification purposes)
• Residence certificate issued by a municipality All the documents previously mentioned must be issued in your name and visible address.
For statements and invoices, the rule of thumb is that they must not have been issued for more than 3 months. At this point, your identity has been verified and you will be able to fully enjoy the GiftCard service.

GiftCard Private Label

What is GiftCard Private Label?

GiftCard Private Label is a prepaid card, that can be spent only in the store/s of the merchant, whose logo is printed on the front side of the card.

 How does it works?

The card is loaded with amount of buyer`s choice at the moment of the purchase. The recipient can use the card in every store of the merchant`s chain. The card is valid until expired or until the balance is depleted.

How much does GiftCard Private Label cost?

The issuing price of GiftCard Private Label is defined by the merchant. In all of our programs the cards are sold without issuing fee, the consumer has to pay only the value of the card.

Do I need to activate my GiftCard Private Label?

You need to activate your GiftCard Private Label in order to use it.

There are two simple ways to check your GiftCard balance:

Activate Online

Send an SMS

How do I check the balance of my GiftCard Private Label?

Go to section 'Check Balance' in GiftCards.eu and follow the instructions


Are there any fees associated with GiftCard Private Label using?

The Tariff may vary depending on the merchant.

How to become a Private Label partner?

The Private Label GiftCards can be redeemed only at your business locations and that makes them a powerful marketing tool for your business. Sell them to your customers or use them as an incentive for marketing campaigns and promotions. Either way, they will help you attract new customers, boost sales and revenue.
Find more information in section Partners.
Any questions? Don`t hesitate to contact us at sales@giftcards.eu