About GiftCard

WHAT IS GiftCard?

  • GiftCard is a prepaid non-reloadable card.
  • The value and currency (EUR, BGN, RON) are chosen from the customer by the purchasing.
  • The expiration period is written on the face side. After the balance is exhausted, the card is automatically closed.


  • GiftCard can be used anywhere Mastercard and VISA are accepted worldwide on POS and Internet.


  • Before usage, GiftCard has to be activated.
  • The payment with GiftCard is secured by PIN Code, defined by the recipient by the Card activation. By buying a GiftCard you can lock the card activation to the mobile phone number of the recipient for additional security.
  • The available balance from a plastic GiftCard can be redeemed to an account in the iCard digital wallet. For the applicable fees, please refer to the relevant tariff.


  • GiftCard is offered in predesigned and in fully personalized layout within 2 packaging options.


  • There are no fees by using GiftCard in six months from the issuing date (see the full product tariff).


  • When making a payment online at a merchant website that has also enabled the service, there is always an additional security step that occurs on top of the standard authentication. Depending on the card you use, you will be redirected either to a Verified by Visa page or a Mastercard SecureCode page to enter the authentication code that we will send to your phone in that particular moment. As an GiftCard user, you are automatically enrolled in the 3D Secure program.


  • GiftCard is a preferred personal and corporate Gift. The World's Most Innovative Companies chosen GiftCard as intelligent tool for marketing and motivation (Corporate Portfolio).

  • e-GiftCard is a digital version of GiftCard - prepaid non-reloadable Mastercard cards, which have all the necessary features for online payment - number, validity, CVC code.
  • e-GiftCard is an innovative product designed for online purchases and virtual payments. Before shopping, check your balance..
  • e-GiftCard is a virtual card that is sent via email. After successful verification of the client, the card becomes visible in your account at www.giftcards.eu and can be sent to the recipient of your choice.
  • e-GiftCard is valid for a period of 2 years, and the first 6 months are a gratis period in which no fees are charged. Add to them 3 additional months, during which you can send your virtual gift card and the gratis period for both sides is 9 months.
  • e-GiftCard has a lower issuance fee than plastic and is a fast and affordable online gift. To check the current price, please check the tariff.

WHAT IS GiftCard Private Label?

  • GiftCard Private Label can be bought and used in the Merchant store(s), whose logo or sign is on the front of the card. The value will be defined by the customer in the purchasing moment.


  • Before usage, GiftCard has to be activated with SMS or Online. In the process of activation the user defines the PIN Code, used afterwards by the payment on the POS terminal.


  • Depends on the Merchants Program. For your GiftCard Private Label you can see the tariff here.